Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So my very first gaming column for Dolly Magazine has come out! I'm very thrilled to be writing about games for the girls of Aus. This issue is all about getting to know me - gaming wise.

Also on the note of First Impressions, I find it only fitting to talk about the games I'm playing at the moment!
I have a awfully bad habit of starting a brand new game, playing it until I get stuck (or die before a save and can't be assed backtracking) and give up on it, where it collects dust. This has happened one too many times, and I must make a stand on the abuse of my game playing!
So before I take a vow to finish every game I start (gulp) I thought I'd give share my FIRST IMPRESSIONS of the games I've started recently.


Assassins Creed II:
Yes, I blogged about falling in love with the first one, and couldn't bare the thought of finishing its predecessor before testing out the sequel. From the three hours that I'd played, I found out I prefer the start of the first Assassins Creed. Ouch. And I also didn't like the character I am now as much, or the era, or the use of currency. But I'll just have to call the WAHHmbulance and finish this game, with a smile on my face.

Eternal Sonata:
Another game I'd gloated about guaranteed and endless love for. Guess what? I don't. In fact, the story line is morbid, and the fighting sequences so repetitive I only lasted a few hours. I really don't want to have to finish this game, so maybe lets pretend I didn't buy this one at all? I'm pretty sure it was less than $20... good riddance.

Mass Effect:
WHY DID I NOT HAVE THIS GAME EARLIER?? What an RPG. And here I was, disillusioned with the thought that I preferred fantasy over science fiction. This game is brilliant! I'm loving the ferociousness of my heroine, the fact that the story-line doesn't completely fly over my head and the diversity in alien species. I bought this one so I could dabble before I bought Mass Effect 2 - and now I can hardly wait to finish this before I conquer the next. YEAH!!

Lost Odyssey:
This game started off SO promising. The graphics blew me away. I love to be a hero that is indestructible - it means you don't eve have to enter the 'God Mode' cheat! I grew quickly tired of the dreams that were unveiled...reading for 5 minutes with corny background music and slideshow effects just aint my thing. Bloodthirsty and ready for battle, I was again disappointed by the fighting regime. Being a console game I was expecting quicktime play, or 'tap-a-button-to-destroy-enemies' kind of fighting. Not 'you-may-as-well-be-playing-final-fantasy-on-DS' fighting. Massive let down. It just gets so repetitive and dull, and there simply is not even motivation to even use a strategy. Close, Lost Odyssey, but no cigar.

There is also a list of games that I have played, and ignored for so long I forget how to even play the game anymore. I have no idea where I am or what to do next. If any of the games I have listed are worth it - please let me know!

Wii -
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Super Mario Bros Wii
Lego Star Wars
Lego Batman
Star Wars - Force Unleashed
Metroid: Prime Trilogy (embarrassing confession - I haven't even put this in the console yet!)

Xbox 360 -
Dragon Age (but have clocked in about 40 hrs game time, and just started a new character so not too fussed, just a tad over having to do it all again)
Oblivion (yeah yeah... I'm just not as into it as Fable II and DA!)

DSi -
Zelda - Phantom Hourglass
Final Fantasy IV, VII, XII
Professor Layton I & II

I'd also love to hear your top 5 fav games of all time!



  1. SWEET! Are you a female in Dragon Age? If so Alistair is a mofo to romance. What about Mass Effect 2 have you played?

  2. BAH! Alistair is a push over! Give him his mothers bracelet fro Redcliff Castle and he's yours. Only prob is if you push him too far... he's a bit of a virgin. Not that I'd know!! :s
    The plan is to make him King, and I his Queen. Wish me luck.

    Haven't played Mass Effect 2 yet - waiting to nail the first one for the moment. But the suspense to play it will probably kill me!

  3. If you make him a notch in your belt (wink wink) he will be king willingly anyway. If not then you will have to force him. I don't want to spoil it for you.

    Go play Mass Effect 2 way better then the first. I am salivating over the release of Fallout 3 Las Vegas :) I am feening really bad. Battlefield Company was good but not as good as Modern Warfare 2. Bioshock scares the shit out of me!