Sunday, February 7, 2010

Confessions of a Gamer

I've already dropped the bomb about me having a headset to wear while playing my Xbox online.

That is nothing compared to this next confession.

I've been really, obscenely hooked on Pokemon Diamond on the DSi. I'm talking 7 hours a day. I can hear the music circling through my head when I'm not even playing the game; when the console is shut off and put away. I dream about Psyducks and Ponyta's. I gotta freaking catch them all!

Nintendo released 3 Pokemon games at around the same time - Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum - all with subtle differences (Platinum having the more noticeable differences). They have a handful of different Pokemon that you can only get in that particular game. I bought the only friend who would be semi excited to play Pokemon the Platinum edition, while I opted for the Diamond. Turns out he's a freak for the game, even more so than I am. This comes in handy when we want to trade Pokemon that can only evolve through said process, to catch the rare Pokemon for each other to have and to keep a 'friendly' competitive nature between us so neither slackens off for even a day.

I have 7 Gym badges after only 33 hours of play. Not sure if this is something to brag about or not - but I find the game a little easy. Every Pokemon is strong against some types, but weak against others. When you battle a Gym leader, you're told what type of Pokemon they use, whether it's grass or electric. So you go in armed with all your Pokemon that destroy that type with one move. It's pretty fun wiping them out - even if they only ever just 'faint'. Trust me, if I was getting stomped, fire burned and high kicked by a Pokemon I'd wanna hope I only fainted too.

I'm about to battle the 'Elite Four' in the game - who are pretty much the final boss's. The funny thing is - for a Pokemon game, I don't even have a Pikachu. ?!?

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