Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blame the Game

If you're wondering why I don't venture out so much these days... well you can blame THESE games for occupying my mind and time.

Over the last few weeks I've been heavily playing:

Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique.

I know, I know. What the hell am I - a successful, female ADULT - doing playing this game? It's simple. This game is AWESOME. And oh so incredibly addictive! I recently spoke on A Current Affair about the top Nintendo must-have Christmas buys were. This was one of the games. By looking at the name, the design, and the concept of the game, you'd be forgiven to think that this is a game perfectly suited to the tweenage girl market. I thought the same thing. Until a lady (in her 30's) from the PR company that was helping me with the shoot confessed that not only has she played it, but she can't put it down. She was incredibly proud of her boutique and the turn-over she was raking in, and how she was now waiting for the financial backer of her boutique to propose to her. She genuinely had strong feelings for this game. I was given a copy, and voila! am now in the same boat. I've put in about 8 hours over the last 2 days... and counting. It's not incredibly hard, but the more you play, the more you unlock. It has massive depth that makes every hour you play non-repetitive and very competitive.

I just love it when you think you have a game nailed - and it throws you a curve ball. I honestly did not think this was a game for me considering I prefer console games over hand-held, and I like fantasy RPG's with dragons and magic... but this game has got me. Hook, line and, well, boutique!

The other game taking up all of my time is a game you would NOT expect me to be saying. It's not on Xbox or Nintendo. It's not by developers Activision or EA. It's a game you can find on Facebook. (WHAT?!?!?) Yes, Facebook. I got red in the face for all the poor souls that got hooked on Farmville or the likes. Wall posts like "Alex has found a lost turtle at his farm!" and "John has baked cupcakes from a new recipe!" would flood my status updates. What.The.Hell. I couldn't think of a worse way to waste your time. And this is coming from a professional time killer. So imagine my surprise when I see a post on someones wall reading -

Dom is conquering the world of Castle Age and has reached level 12!
They are leading an army of Knights, Elves, Wizards, and Dragons to battle the hordes of evil.

Well. Kick me stupid. This is exactly my cuppa tea!! Adventure! Castles! ELVES! I'm in! where do I sign up? Again, this has only been going on for the last few days. But my goodness me - it is sooo good. (it has averaged a 4.4/5 based on over 4500 ratings). I am a high priestess named Celesta (not what I'd usually play, I'm a sucker for the elven ranger) but didn't see another option given to me. You never see the battles take place, more of a 'click on this button to do this quest'. You click the button, the quest is complete. Sounds boring as batshit, but trust me, they have given this game some good thought. You have a set number of stamina, health and energy points at which a certain number are used depending on what you do. Time is the main way to replenish these points. There is always something that you can do, whether it's the main quest, side quests, battling other facebook players from around the world (and stealing their gold) - all to level up and become more powerful. The hard part is you need a lot of people in your army - so friends that you have on facebook that also play. It's very awkward for me to announce to my friends of models, designers and the like, that I would REALLY appreciate their help if they signed up with me to help defeat the Chronic Hydra that is causing me incredible grief.
So far I'm not going too badly! And if anyone on facebook (there are nearly 3 million signed up to Castle Age so far) would like to give it a go, feel free to join my army!


  1. First part of this blog, not so nerdy. More girly than nerdy... but the second part, holy turds that's nerdy.

  2. HAHA this coming from a guy who's all-time favourite movie is the original Star Wars trilogy... could you just be recognising a fellow nerd when you see one? You love it.