Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I've been looking at this line in my life. The line that I've wanted to cross, but have always been to scared to. Once I've crossed this line - I'm never going back. This week, I not only leaped across the line, but made sweet love to it. Because I have now purchased a headset for my Xbox.

And what a world it has opened to me. I can now talk to all the people who I'm playing with online and who are my friends with Xbox live. These people can help me with strategies and quests. I can even link up a video and chat like skype. Oh yes, I'm a gamer.




Now that I'm openly a gamer, I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about the games I've recently purchased and played. I had a bit of a splurge when I bought the headset, figuring I'd go the distance with the epic milestone purchase. I've bought GTA:Liberty City, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, Halo: ODST, Dragon Age and Assassins Creed.

Lets begin.


Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City:

I know I've just confessed to being an official gamer now, but I've never, ever played a GTA game. I think I may have seen someone play it on their Playstation when I was much younger... but apart from that...nada. I heard China Town Wars on the DS was amazing, and was going to buy that, but then I saw Liberty City sitting pretty on the shelves of JB Hifi for a mere $59.00. And it's two games in one! How do you walk past that? You don't. So keen to get stuck into it. My roommate was psyched that I bought that and has been playing it when I'm not on the machine myself. He's frothing. Can't wait til I'm hijacking cars and killing thugs. Yippee!

Eternal Sonata:

I've fallen so in love with the Final Fantasy series recently. I'm telling you, not ever owning a Playstation EVER is really taking its toll on my knowledge for games. I've been missing out! But better late than never. And only now am I realising how much I love the good 'ol Japanese RPG's. Or Japanese anime in that matter (if anyone knows of any really good anime or manga - let me know!). So after doing my research on one of my favourite gaming sites gamespot.com.au (again, if anyone is a member on here, add me - maudelicious) I found out that Eternal Sonata was a very well made JRPG. Apparently the story line is fulfilling, the characters endearing, the enemies challenging and the graphics simply stunning (think later Final Fantasies). Am very exciting to give this one a test run!

Tales of Vesperia:

Falls heavily under the same category of Eternal Sonata. A very acclaimed JRPG. Very acclaimed = best selling game in Japan on the Xbox last year. Did I need more convincing? Of course not. If I'm going to start getting into Japanese games, I'm going to throw myself into an obsession. Why go in halves? The graphics in this is, so far, are very anime animation. A little too cartoonish. But already an intense story line with a fanatical world that is reeling me in.

Halo 3 ODST:

Is simply a must in any Xbox collection. I had played Halo 3 multiplayer with my brother in Brisbane, and although I was a little rusty (ok, I sucked) I was HOOKED. I needed more. So now, I still suck, but getting better. And fast. So watch out! I love that the multiplayer scenarios are so giving. So do you play in teams? Go on a rampage? Have a mission? What weapons would you like to use? Etc, all while knowing there will literally be up to hundreds of thousands of people online at the same time. There is always someone better than you out there, and always someone worse. Now with the headset I can hear the cries of victory from my teammates, the shouts of abuse at getting killed unfairly, and the harsh words of abuse from the other team (or mine, on a good day). I haven't mastered the art of stifling my laughter when I lose terribly. This one is good for a quick fix of killing and death. If you want to commit to something longer - play the campaign. No more mastercheif (hear the gasps!) but it doesn't really impact the game play. Same enemies. Same tactics. Same missions. Same Same but different.

Dragon Age:

If you haven't worked out by now that I'm a fiend for an RPG then you're brain dead with a talent of punching in this web address. I tried Oblivion to no avail (why make the whole world open from the start! I need to be guided through, I need directions!) so cue the biggest RPG release of the year - Dragon Age. I love that you can choose your race/class . I opted for a Dalish Elf warrior and I'm already regretting it. Tanks in this game are in no way superior. Go the mage, I say! In fact, I'll probably make another character very soon - and make her a mage. It won't be tedious for me to start again either, since each different race has a very unique start (think WOW). The graphics are a little Oblivion-esque, was hoping it would favour the Fable II graphics a little more. Still! The excitement is there. When you battle. If you battle. There are soooo many effing cut scenes in this game, that I was very excited to find the skip scene button (x). So I now have no idea what the hell I'm doing, replying to, or what is being said, but at least I get to kill things quicker!

Assassins Creed:

I was definitely slow off the mark with this game. I'd heard the title come up in a few forums and convos, but never looked into it. Shame on me. It's a sensational game! I have completely fallen in love with it, and struggle to get off once I get started. Everything about this game is breath taking. The graphics especially. They have been so meticulous with every detail, from backgrounds, to buildings, to non-descript people, to shadows. I didn't really understand what was going on at first, but as soon as it shaped together I was addicted. I love the way it is so easy to scale buildings, the fluid motion of every movement from horse riding to jumping from rooftops. And the fact that I can silently kill guards with throwing knives and a concealed blade. This, scarily, makes me shudder in delight. Assassins Creed 2 comes out in days. I will lose a lot of sleep over this, in anticipation until I own it, and then not stopping until I've finished it.

So this is what the next few weeks of my life with be dedicated to. Would love to hear your thoughts!