Sunday, August 16, 2009

pleased to meat you

Recently, many people are making changes to their diets for many different reasons. I've just cut out gluten after trying a diet without it and noticing plenty of positive differences. But many people are going vegetarian or vegan, for different reasons all together.

I'm not taking a dig. At 12 years of age I became a vegetarian, simply because I did not enjoy the taste of most meats. To this day the thought of eating (even smelling) any type of pig or seafood disgusts me. So as a growing kid, I asked Mum to cut it out of my diet. She was supportive of this (she still blames the movie 'Babe' for my decision even though it has nothing to do with it - i mean how many fish were harmed in that movie?) but told me I had to substitute the meats for other foods that would provide the same nutrients. This is how well vegetarianism went for me: see you later red meat - hello lentils and mushrooms. Uh oh - I hate mushrooms. How many freaking types of beans are there? Mum why can't you make them taste any good? I'm now anemic?! Geez. May as well eat meat again.

Now I slip in and out of eating meat. I guess I'm a three-quarter-arian because I only eat a few meat products. Hello lasagna. But I don't need or want it a lot of the time. It turns out beans freaking rock, its just my Mum was a shit house cook (seriously, ask her).
So that's my story. But what about the others?

The people that are vegetarian - nay - vegan for the greater good of animal welfare and existence? Power to them. There should be more. We should treat imported and exported livestock far better than we are. Caged hens make me sick, and good on Woolworths for phasing out caged hen eggs. I believe animals should live prosperous lives like we have, and it sucks that many are born to be food.
My issue is how can you not eat meat - or consume any animal by-product even - for all those reasons, yet wear leather boots, jackets or bags?

says the vegan:
"Oh I would NEVER drain the cows udder and drink its milk - but kill it and I'll wear it, sure."

Its hard to go from gorging on all the 'meaty goodness' to stripping it out of your life like that. Its hard to develop new beliefs at an age where you've lived your life through other beliefs.

But please, vego's and vegans. If you really care about these animals - don't wear them. Eating them is at least providing nutrients. Wearing them is purely vanity, luxury or both.

Or other advice - don't tell anyone about the decisions you've made about your diet. You're doing it for and no one else after all. As soon as you say "I'm no longer eating meat - I'm 100% vego now peeps!" I guarantee there's someone out there waiting to catch you out. If you're a vegan and claiming it, I'm more than sure everyone is punishing by eating copious amounts of cheese, tasty ice cream and delicious chocolate. And if you, for one weak moment, decide to indulge? Havoc! They'll chastise you. You'll feel guilty. Helping out animals isn't so fun after all.
BUT if you can commit to it 100% (food AND clothing) and ignore the pleas/jokes/sarcasm/tempts of your friends - then go for it with strength behind you. Conquer what you do, and shift or shape peoples view on it! We need people like you to raise awareness about the poor treatment of animals. We need someone to take a stand. To practice what they preach. If you do this, I'm very proud of you and envious of your discipline. Here's to making the world better for us, and the animals.

Check out to find out more about the poor treatment of animals.

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