Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birds of Tokyo @ Splendour

The Supertop was flooded with dedicated Birds of Tokyo fans well before the band even stepped foot onto the stage. So when Lead singer Ian Kenny walked out showing off his new 'do - cropped slicked-back hair and minimal facial hair - the crowd blew up into an ear-splitting roar that would only stop to sing every lyric Kenny belted out so effortlessly.

The band played a healthy mix of songs from their first album Day One, and their newest and most popular release Universes, which sent fans into a lyric-screaming frenzy. So much so, that at times it was almost hard to hear Kenny. Almost. But if you’ve ever been to a BOT concert before – you know to expect this, to add to the noise with increased volume of your own, and to not be surprised when the person next to you grabs your shoulders singing their guts out also.

A highlight of the performance was mid-set, when someone threw a pair of thick-rimmed glasses onto the stage. Without a care, Kenny picked them up and wore them for the remainder of the set inspiring a ‘Johnny Depp’ style performance, adding to the already hyped atmosphere. I’ve already heard a bunch of people rate this gig as their favourite from Splendour– and with good reason.

It's safe to say that Birds of Tokyo successfully satisfied the hunger of the booze-fuelled Aussie-rocker crowd with perfect harmonies, insanely good vocals and killer set-list.

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